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Windows in Moscow enter the appropriate request and click to search. Word stat As a result, we get a list of keywords. It cannot be said that it somehow expand our capabilities, but it can be us.How to find keywords. This way we can view keywords and all competitors in our niche. In the process of research, it is best to fill out a table of competitors Competition. Analysis Table Stage Analyze the target audience If you have been. Working for several years and know your target audience well. You can safely skip this step, and we will dwell on it in more detail.

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Let’s first understand some concepts Your target audience is the group of people who are most likely to buy a product or service from a particular company. Target audience analysis is the answer to the question “To whom do we sell?” If you sell Pakistan Mobile Number List everything at once, these sales will not bring decent results. When developing a site, such indicators of the target audience as gender, age, marital status, place of residence, income level, interests and desires, pains and fears, as well as the criteria by which the customer chooses a particular service are important to me.

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What the analysis might look like Example of target audience analysis it is important not only to find out the age, gender and geographic location of a potential client, but also to understand his pain and fears. Where can I get all this? The easiest option B to B Database is to visit various forums and marketplaces where users leave reviews. There you can find out the level of income. For example, if a computer desk was purchas for, rubles, this indicates that the review was left by a buyer with an average income. And here’s another example How to analyze your target audience Look at all these tables and answer the question.

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