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Fabskin has a wide range of face and body treatments, including ruction of dark circles under the eyes, laser hair removal, body shaping, filling, botox, lifting. Fabskin has over reviews in its business card, with an average of. Such a result places the clinic in class B on the trust board. In order to improve the result, and thus attract new customers, you should take care of obtaining opinions on a regular basis only opinions appear in the business card in the last quarter. For this purpose, it is worth implementing an opinion management strategy, as well as using tools that will automate many processes in the opinion area.

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View Fabskin’s profile in the Rating Captain review directory Another aspect that should also be refin is responding to feback. Fabskin customers like to leave longer reviews, so it will be a nice gesture to reply to all new comments, regardless Germany Mobile Number List of their tone. In the case of negative feback, the response time should be ruc to hours. See the full report. Klinika Projekt Sokar Projekt Sokar is another aesthetic micine clinic in Warsaw, whose offer is extremely rich. We will find here, among others dermatological treatments, as well as surgery and dermocosurgery.

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Aesthetic micine treatments using innovative methods and modern equipment. At the end of, the clinic record a decrease in its rating from to, but in the following months it gradually increas its rating to the current level, thanks to the regularly B to B Database incoming opinions. It is worth noting that the clinic respond to of the opinions in a professional manner. The company also cares about an individual approach to patients, as evidenc by the answers provid. See the Skin Design profile in the Rating Captain review directory You should definitely implement a strategy of gaining customer opinions.

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