WhatsApp Stop Showing Contact Names?

The WhatsApp backend undergoes unforeseen issues from time to time. While engineers work to fix the problem, users continue to encounter bugs in the application. Therefore, you should check whether WhatsApp’s backend is responsible for WhatsApp not showing contact names.

Save the Contact if You Haven't Already

WhatsApp only displays the names of the contacts that you have saved in your contact list. When you receive a text from a new number, WhatsApp number alerts you that this person isn’t in your contact list.

As you haven’t saved their contact in your phonebook before, WhatsApp won’t display the contact name because it doesn’t exist. Therefore, you need to save the contact to make the name show up in WhatsApp.

If you’ve already conversed with the person on WhatsApp, you don’t need to save the contact manually. Simply open the chat on WhatsApp, and you’ll see the option to add or block a contact. Tap on Add to contacts, name the contact, and save it.

Wait for the Contact to Show Up

WhatsApp doesn’t always display newly saved contacts immediately. At times, B to B Database it takes a few minutes or a restart to fetch the contact name. Have you recently saved a specific contact name and WhatsApp failed to show it? If so, close WhatsApp and restart it.

If restarting the app does not work, you should refresh all your contacts.

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