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It is also worth preparing a test conversation tagge with the test-zone tag. If you like it, make your next Blab reach as many people as possible. Use appropriate tags – when you are at the stage of creating Blab, use appropriate tags – accurate description of the topic will allow you to reach more people. After logging in, users receive a list of topics from which they can choose the ones that interest them – then appropriate transmission proposals will be displaye on their boards. Later, they can also select a specific tag to search only those conversations (both currently broadcast and scheule) that contain it.Screenshot 2016-01-14 17/22/19 Promote – when planning such a conversation, let people who may be intereste in it know in advance so that they can plan their time accordingly.

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Create posts on social networks or even organize a Facebook event. Also remind you about the conversation just before it starts. Screenshot 2016-01-19 19.52.39 Tell about Blab – remember that your recipients may not be familiar with this tool, so it is whatsapp mobile number list worth providing them with a link to, for example, the home page, so themselves with this platform early enough. Tell followers – as I mentione in Blab, it is possible to follow other people. If you gather your followers, let them know that you are starting a conversation.

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Screenshot r blog – Just add the chat URL to your B to B Database post. This also works with just scheule Blabs – on the blog when the broadcast starts. Ask viewers to share – There are icons for sharing via Twitter or Facebook next to each Blab, so your viewers and chat participants can increase their audience.

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