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How to increase the amount of valuable data? By adding micro-conversions to the account regarding user engagement on the website – adding to the basket, subscribing to the newsletter or setting up an account. It’s also worth uploading/updating your customer list and adding new remarketing lists. Exchange resources In addition to providing data, optimization is largely bas on the cyclical exchange of advertising resources – texts, graphics and videos. It aims to select the most effective ones. Check the performance of individual resources and replace those that are performing poorly.

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Also make sure each group is replenish with the maximum number of resources. Test audience signals In Performance Max, it is not possible to target a specific group of users. Google, bas on a lot of data and signals, decides to whom it is worth displaying our ads, and as it turns out – it is most often right. However, we have the ability to add a signal Kazakhstan Mobile Number List regarding recipients. This is nothing more than a set of lists of recipients who are our current or potential customers. The algorithms use these audience lists in a learning process to get optimization back on track faster. How to create effective audience signals? Use remarketing lists that include engag users.

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Add a list of clients and take care of its regular updating. Create custom affinity audience segments bas on keywords, interests, competitor store URLs. Tailor your audience signals to the content of your resource groups. Test different lists and their degrees of generality. Select a bid strategy One of the most important settings affecting any campaign B to B Database type is the bid strategy. Performance Max offers only strategies, and changing them can have a huge impact on the operation of the campaign and its results. Choosing the right bid strategy must balance reach and cost with sales and revenue. Running an automat campaign in such a way as to maximize results requires experience and understanding.

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