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Contents What is ROPO Effect and Reverse ROPO Effect? In which industries is the ROPO effect and reverse ROPO most common? What discourages users from buying online? How to minimize the ROPO effect in e commerce? How to get reviews online and offline? Summary Widespread access to the Internet makes it easy for consumers to search for information about the product they are interest in, compare its prices in various online stores and check opinions before deciding to buy. What do they do with this knowlge.

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As it turns out, many customers still prefer to buy products in brick and mortar stores, and they use the Internet to check information about companies, brands and compare products. This is the so call the ROPO effect, which is a challenge especially Kazakhstan Mobile Number List for e commerce. Try it for free What is ROPO Effect and Reverse ROPO Effect? Research Online Purchase Offline, or the ROPO effect, is a phenomenon where consumers search the Internet for a product they are interest in, but will buy it in a brick and mortar store. This trend, of course, appear with the development of the Internet and e commerce.

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Currently information about a given product can be obtain on social mia, on forums, on opinion sites and, of course, on brand websites. Internet users willingly share their observations and experiences with products, and this strengthens the ROPO effect. In turn, the reverse ROPO effect consists in the fact that consumers obtain information about products in B to B Database brick and mortar stores and then make an online purchase. Such an effect is obviously beneficial for the e commerce sector. The phenomenon appear along with the growing trust in online stores and became known as SOPO, or See Offline Purchase Online. In which industries is the ROPO effect and reverse ROPO most common.

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