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You can adapt the display of product or service reviews on your website to the provisions of the Omnibus Directive. Our platform collects only transaction confirmed reviews for you from consumers who have made a purchase or used your company’s services, so all reviews are verified. How does it look in practice. After using your offer, the consumer receives an invitation to write a review. The widgets placed on your website display all opinions, both positive and negative, which are confirmed by the transaction. The average rating is also calculated on the basis of all collected opinions.

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So it is not possible for a person who has not made a transaction to leave a review and display such a review on your website. Is this the end of fake reviews. The Omnibus Directive is a big step in counteracting unfair market practices. The maximum fine that the President of UOKiK may impose for infringement of collective consumer Australia Mobile Number List interests is of the entrepreneur’s turnover from the preceding financial year. As can be seen from the above, fake reviews on a website can cause a lot of trouble. A much better solution is to choose ethical and fair ways to collect feedback. The Omnibus Directive opinions, or how to publish and verify customer recommendations.

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Casper Bednarz minutes of reading The Omnibus Directive opinions, or how to publish and verify customer recommendations. Contents How to publish opinions in accordance with the Omnibus Directive. How to verify consumer reviews. Consent with UOKiK and the Omnibus Directive Omnibus Ready Verification of product reviews and the Omnibus B to B Database Directive Be an honest president! Entrepreneur, opinions and recommendations of consumers. The European Union Omnibus Directive, which entered into force in January, introduces new requirements regarding the protection of consumer interests and counteracts unfair commercial practices.

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