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This page is very handy to use if you want to view the contents of your enemy’s account. Which will definitely revoke your access. To create a backup page, just register with a different phone number or email. Enter false data and that’s it You can request an application. And if a person with an interest profile is known to essentially only add a certain category of people, such as tattoo artists or music lovers, create an account with a similar theme. At the same time, do not forget that the profile should look as authentic as possible.

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This means that you ne to add about photos and, of course, followers. There can be a problem with this if you don’t want to ask your friends to sign up, or you don’t have many of them, then all you’re left with is automatic promotion. To collect the requir Jordan Mobile Number List number of subscribers, you should use the Likemania service. With it, you can get at least followers for a more natural look, but if you want to look like a popular account, you’ll have to finish more. Tips on how to make the page realistic Imagine that you are an acquaintance of his friend.

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You With This It Is Recommend

You can find a former classmate of the account owner. Or an old friend with whom he does not communicate now. Take his name and photo that’s it Imagine that you are interest in the same topic as the topic that interests you. Follow the same B to B Database bloggers, stars, create an account in a similar style. Then the person will think that you are familiar with his environment, and will accept the application Imitating a popular store or something else can be an effective way. Make a person believe that you are offering him services or products on the Internet.

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