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Certificate yes Training format video tutorials for offline viewing, tests, practical exercises. Training program The course is design for beginners who are interest in contextual advertising and who have not previously creat advertising campaigns in Yandex Direct. The program contains the theoretical foundations that will help you create your first campaign on your own. Skills acquir during training are not enough for employment. The course is more introductory in nature and helps to determine the profession. What skills will you get Understanding the basics of contextual advertising. Collection of semantics for setting up a campaign.

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Creation of advertising. With the help of Yandex Metrica. Independent launch of a campaign in Yandex Direct. Advantages You can study at your own pace in your spare time. There are exercises to apply the acquir knowlge in practice. Only useful Armenia Mobile Number List material without unnecessary information. Flaws To receive feback, you ne to purchase a paid course About the authors Ivan Akimov and Alexander Yaroshchuk, official partners of Yandex. As an advertisement. free courses in in demand digital professions from Skillbox Learn profitable and in demand online professions with Skillbox courses. Take free online courses on Programming Web development.

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Internet Marketing Design Photography Basics Application test. Copywriting game design Game development. Dmodeling Business analysis Video iting Script writing skills. Yandex Direct preparation for certification from. Netology Duration hours, lessons per week. Certificate yes. Training format the course is held in the form of a webinar, homework is B to B Database provid for self examination. Training program the course is design to help beginners prepare for Yandex Direct certification a certificate is often requir for use in serious companies. Therefore, it will also be useful for practitioners. In the process of learning, exam tasks are solv. What you will learn CPC management to ruce advertising costs.

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