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This same curator is not a particularly successful director, who a year ago, like people on the stream, took a course on Yandex Direct. To understand this, you ne to turn your head every time someone offers you something to learn. This is very useful in our time, when everyone wants to cash in on the other’s desire to learn something new. Let’s move away from the curators and move on to the main courses in Yandex Direct. In most cases, there is one person in the school who delivers the same information to huge streams of students every day.

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Monday talks about key phrases in the first stream. Tuesday in the second, and Wnesday in the third. He sits with a tir and dissatisfi face in front of the school paycheck and indiscriminately talks about what can be easily found for free if you Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List search a little. In order to successfully serve at least people who came to the Yandex Direct course, he must devote all his time to students, forgetting about his business and clients. And what kind of specialist is this who can exchange his freom, earnings and the opportunity to develop his own brand for some Synergy salary.

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A good specialist has a solid salary, and time is precious to him always remember this. No school will have a successful principal. I especially like people who proudly write on their websites, who run Yandex Direct courses at Synergy, and who speak B to B Database on useless PPC forums. In fact, there is absolutely nothing to brag about. However, people are impress. Ordinary people think that if there is a person on the stage, then he is well done, and he nes to take his money. We digress a little. I propose to return to courses on Yandex Direct from private ucational institutions.

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