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Someone places an ad every day for piece. More times a week. And for someone, pieces a day, which can greatly annoy his audience. Authors with thousand subscribers can publish promotional posts for about, rubles each. The cost is determin by the level of trust of their subscribers. Account owners with more than thousand real subscribers can borrow from thousand rubles for advertising or more. The best major bloggers with an audience of more than a million, as well as mia figures on an advertising post or Stories, can earn from thousand rubles or more.

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As a rule, they cooperate with large brands, manufacturers of luxury goods. Proportional dependence of income on the number of subscribers The cost of advertising depends on the number of subscribers and their activity. According to statistics, a blogger with thousand subscribers receives from thousand rubles a month. One post costs advertisers Thailand Mobile Number List thousand. Famous brands work with such accounts. An authoritative writer with thousand can count on thousand rubles per post. The spread is wide and depends on the level of trust of subscribers. A person with, real followers who do not require torture charges, for advertising. The cost of advertising for top millionaire bloggers is off the charts.

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Mia persons in the same Instagram take from thousand for story or post with a recommendation. They are usually handl by manufacturers of high end products Step. Serious shenanigans with statistics After the first successful experience, I decid to find B to B Database advertisers myself. She join special groups on Facebook and thematic communities on. Telegram, began to directly knock on big brands. Here ran into the first difficulties advertisers request screenshots of profile statistics. Left much to be desir. Only of my audience came from Russia. Cairo, which ranks second in the ranking of the most popular cities.

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