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This means that regular work on positioning your website will pay off for years. Traffic won’t disappear overnight if you don’t invest in SEO unlike paid campaigns. SEO audit Starting SEO activities for a website without an SEO audit is like fixing a car without tools! Is it possible? Maybe yes. is it worth it? not necessarily! SEO audit is a process from which you should start your adventure with website positioning. Without a detail and substantive SEO audit carri out at the very beginning of cooperation, achieving high positions for even niche keywords may be difficult.

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An SEO audit is therefore the first step to creating a plan that will bring measurable results in the long term. Below are the most important issues that should be analyz at the very beginning. Keyword analysis you probably know the range that you offer your customers very well, and you are a specialist in the range of services offer. But do you know how Albania Phone Numbers List customers get to your website? One of the first and basic things you ne to do is find converting keywords. Prepare a list of both general and highly competitive phrases, as well as long tail phrases, which are usually less competitive and will allow you to see the effects of SEO activities faster.

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When looking for phrases for which your website is to be display, you can use tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads Keyword Planner or using external tools such as SEMSTORM or Senuto. XL Aa.png. Competition B to B Database analysis since you already know what phrases you would like yours to appear in the TOP of search results, it’s time to analyze the SEO activities of your competition. The audit should determine what your direct competition does better and what you can and should do to improve the position of your own website in search results.

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