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Otherwise, the wrong answer will be highlighte in re and the correct one in green. Voting results will be displaye in the history settings. Complete history quizzes This feature can be use for a commercial account, for example, to give a discount or cash reward to someone who answers a question correctly. Use a new way to create stories. Several new features Instagram Cubes feature show a random post you share on the same day in the past GIF function allows you to create a background in the story in the form of a GIF generation of random surveys, quizzes and questions.

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Republish the new publication. When you have a new post, share it on Stories to increase engagement. In the story itself, add additional elements or write a short ad. Republish your new post in Story. The call begins. With the Challenge sticker, you can Chile Mobile Number List challenge your friends or followers. To do this, write a story in which you repeat simple movements or perform some tricks. Instagram Challenge Sticker Tasks have already proven their worth on TikTok, now it’s Instagram’s turn. Survey examples what questions to ask subscribers.

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In the previous section, we looke at survey ideas. But there were general descriptions. Let’s move on to examples we will show what questions to ask subscribers. First in a personal blog, then in a business account. Use these options for inspiration. They will tell you in which direction to move when writing questions. Personal blog Questions to ask B to B Database your audience on your blog personal account. What movie to watch tonight. What costume to wear to a party. Do you like blog content. What do you prefer books or TV shows. Do you have a tattoo? He can swim? Who is cooler Batman or Iron Man. Do you like going to the cinema.

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