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Therefore, it will also be useful for practitioners. In the process of learning, exam tasks are solve. What you will learn CPC management to reuce advertising costs. Selection of keywords and compilation of semantics. Create the right ads. Effective work with impressions and clicks. Advantages Rich curriculum and strong teachers. There is no unnecessary information and water, everything is strictly on the topic. The opportunity to prepare for a professional exam for free. Lecture notes are save after the end of the course Flaws No. About the authors Alexander Yaroshchuk and Anastasia Mozhaeva, Yandex Direct certifie training partners.

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Contextual Advertising‎ by Skillbox Duration blocks hours. Certificate Training format video for self study without feeback. Training program The course will help you learn how to work with advertising campaigns in Yandex Direct and Google Ads. Suitable for beginners to get acquainte with the direction. For professionals, the program is Indonesia Mobile Number List useful for developing professional skills. What are you learning Principles of setting up contextual advertising. How to choose target queries. How to use UTM tags and geotargeting. Typical mistakes when setting up contextual advertising. How to reuce advertising costs and increase efficiency.

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Professionals Selection of quality materials. Experience teacher. You can view the lessons. Flaws No About the author Konstantin Naichukov, eLama paid traffic expert Direct in simple words from Yandex Duration lessons. Certificate Training format independent study of theory. At the end of each block there are questions and tests for self examination, but without feeback. Training program the course is designe for owners of small and meium size businesses B to B Database who want to independently promote the product. The material introduces students to the basic terms and helps them understand the intricacies of setting up advertising without the typical mistakes that beginners often make. What you will learn Search for the target audience using Yandex Direct.

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