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The purpose of local positioning is to enable potential customers to easily. Find information about the company and its services products in a specific location in Google search results. How to do it right and get your business to the top of Google search results including Google Maps. Try it for free Local SEO is a continuous process, the effectiveness of which can be measur using tools such as Google Analytics GA or Google Search Console. Thanks to them, you can monitor the visibility and traffic on the site; visibility in the search engine; and a high position in search results for specific phrases.

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What is local SEO to increase visibility. Let’s start with what exactly is local positioning, also known as local SEO. Local positioning allows you to improve the position of a given website, e commerce store or Google. My Business listing in Google local List of US Mobile Phone Numbers search results for phrases relat to the company’s activity e.g. hair salon, air conditioning or nursery in a specific place e.g. Katowice, Opolskie Voivodeship or Warsaw Ursynów. The point is that new customers and Internet users, after entering a query such as hairdresser wrocław, will see your company.

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Thanks to positioning, it is possible. So it is worth taking care of all its elements website or business card could be display as high as possible in the search engine. Where to start with website optimization. Bet on local positioning of phrases! In order to B to B Database effectively position your business in Google search results, you should start by optimizing your website for local key phrases. This means that you ne to add contact details such as company name, address, telephone number, e mail address and a link to the Google map to the page.

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