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A amical facility that allows you to create and manage patient cards during visits. Admission calendar and settlements with the National Health Fund drWidget’s office meets all statutory requirements for Electronic Mical Records. To access all the features, all you ne to do is sign up for a free account. You can connect the program with the MyDr mical platform and thus, for example, accept prescriptions order by patients. The drWidget office also has a mobile application in which you can issue e prescriptions, manage reservations, conduct visits or it the patient’s card.

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The application also allows you to upload photos of documents test results to a specific patient’s card. As well as verify data in the eWUŚ system. The application is primarily a facilitation that ensures comfortable work also when the Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List doctor does not have access to a computer dr Widget office drEryk Software dicat to both one person private mical practice eGabinet and clinics and mical facilities Gabinet. Of course, drEryk allows you to run M in both variants. It is worth noting that the software is bas on many years of experience and cooperation with doctors, and what is more, it constantly expands the range of functionalities.

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Separately To Each Marketplace

The dr Eryk eGabinet program primarily helps to organize the daily work of a private doctor. The propos solutions include a simple registration system, visit templates that automate the interview process with the patient, as well as support for e prescriptions, e ZLA and other e documents. The program also provides easy access to the database B to B Database of drugs, and also remembers the patient’s fix drugs and their parameters, which is a great time saver when issuing e prescriptions. In turn, the drEryk Gabinet program dicat to outpatient clinics and NFZ offices provides advanc solutions depending on the nes.

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