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But Ask Codi can do much more than just answer questions. Applications such as code generation, testing, interpretation, and documentation become simple with a workbook in the familiar Jupyter format.

 grunt work to Codi, ensure that developers can focus on the purpose and originality of their applications.

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supports. Python, PHP, C++, Haskell, CSS, C#, TypeScript, Ruby, Swift, and phone number list Java are just a few of the many programming languages ​​it covers.

The list continues to grow as well. Because of its versatility, Ask Codi’s capabilities are available to developers working in a variety of settings.

Ask Codi’s interoperability with well-known IDEs is another unique feature. With additional integrations on the way, it now supports nd the IntelliJ family of IDEs.

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CodiumAI is an innovative tool that aims to change the way developers approach coding.

CodiumAI is basically an AI-driven code generator that provides non-trivial test ideasr B2B Database directly within the Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

This means that CodiumAI analyzes your code, docstrings, and comments as you write it before recommending suitable tests.

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