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Your Queue Łodygowice Hot Sausage House Lodz Gaumarjos. Warsaw Granat Bistro Warsaw The Duck Za Water Inn Goszczanów Summary Each of us has surely watch the TV show Kitchen Revolutions at least once. Since, in each episode of the show, Magda Gessler visits one restaurant, changing the face of Polish restaurants. We decid to check how restaurants are rat by guests and bas on the results of the Google opinion analysis, we creat a ranking of the best restaurants after kitchen revolutions. Try it for free The ranking was bas on reports creat in the ReviewsAudit tool.

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Restaurants with the largest number of reviews and an average rating above. stars on Google maps were taken into account. The data is from September. Imber Lodz Imber is a restaurant with Lodz Jewish cuisine. The restaurant offers its guests well known dishes in a modern setting, thus inviting them to a culinary journey full of unusual USA Phone Number List flavors. Among the dishes recommend by Magda Gessler we will find Jewish herring tartare, mutton meatballs and broth on mutton ribs with roast vegetables. And for dessert, Paschal cheesecake with bryndza cheese. Moving on to reputation management, it is certainly worth praising the restaurant for taking care of issues relat to customer reviews.

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Both the rating and the number of opinions in Imber’s business card look really good. Thanks to which the restaurant is in class B on the board reflecting customer confidence. One of the reviews post on Google Guests willingly visit the restaurant B to B Database and leave reviews in Google maps, which are mostly positive. As a result, the Imber restaurant receiv as many as opinions in the last quarter. What’s more, customers, along with reviews, also post photos, which has a very good effect on the positioning of the profile in search results.

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