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Conversions and when the last connection was From each of the conversions. If you enter your conversion event and navigate to diagnostics at the top, you will be able to see not only if improv conversions are being record, but also the impact that this setting is having on conversion attribution within your campaigns improv google ads conversions Check for improv conversions with Google Tag Assistant Yes, yes, you read correctly With Google’s free extension, Google Tag Assistant, we can also verify that enhanc conversions are collecting values ​​correctly.

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To validate it, just carry out a conversion, open Tag Assistant and click on the Google Ads conversion event Once there, click on URLs and order the display by clicking on the top right If there you see the parameter em collecting value, prize your improv conversions are working fine Here you have to see that some rare value appears after the UK Mobile Number List parameter, which means that the personal data of your users is correctly encod improv google ads conversions Frequently ask questions about improv conversions in Google Ads Is it okay to enable them in the Google Ads conversion event to make them work? Usually not For the enhanc conversions to work correctly.

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It will usually be necessary to implement modifications in the code, in order to correctly collect the variable with the user’s identifiable information Do I ne to send all of the user’s identifiable data for Enhanc Conversions to work? It is not necessary The more information we send, the easier it will be for the system to identify the user, but we B to B Database must also take into account that we will be more intrusive We always recommend sending the email and, optionally, the phone Can enhanc conversions be set up for any Google Ads conversion event? No We can only do it with conversions configur.

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