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 Like oxygen but what he’s up to at any given moment and you’ll get answers ranging from folding paper dragons (y’know. Origami) to catching up on the latest cool tech. And finding With better plotlines ask him other ways to channel his inner geek. » more blog posts by paul park author image johnathan dane johnathan dane is the founder of klientboost. A california-based ppc agencya german shorthaired pointer named tanner. Connect with him on twitter. » more blog posts by johnathan dane what is landing page testing? Imagine your landing page is a stage play and each element (copy.


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Landing page testing is like  Hong Kong Phone Number Data crafting different versions of the play to see who gets a standing ovation and who gets the hook. All determined by the audience’s reactions. Through a series of controlled experiments. Landing page testing helps you shine the spotlight on what works best. Turning your page into a crowd-pleaser. Why is it important to test landing pages? Have you ever tried to solve a jigsaw puzzle in the dark? (which sounds like a weird thing to try. But hey.

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What works on your landing page Czech Republic Phone Number List  can feel a bit like that. A far better approach is to shine a light on your landing page puzzle and see the full picture. Here’s how testing can get you there. Animated gif of lisa simpson saying “I think we should do a test” discover the unseen testing lets you see if your ideas actually fit together in the real world. It’s about moving beyond educated guesses to uncovering the actual impact of your choices. Ensuring that your vision for the landing page aligns with reality.


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