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GA service configuration The well known and free data analysis tool Google Analytics has been able to monitor and evaluate the behavior of website users for years. Google announc that soon, from July. Universal Analytics will be replac by a new version Google Analytics GA. Try it for free Why do Google services change and are delet by Google so often? The reason is Internet users. and more specifically the way they browse the information they are interest in and make purchases. A few years ago, the user went through the entire shopping process only on a desktop computer or laptop. Today, this process is often accomplish with several devices, including tablets and smartphones.

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Changes in user behavior and device preferences have shown significant limitations to Universal Analytics. Google Universal Analytics was unable to combine activity measurement and data for the same user on several devices in the application or on the website at the same time. Google Analytics is to be the answer to all these and Latvia Mobile Number List other nes. The service uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to track the shopping paths of customers more effectively than its precessor, who increasingly use different devices and make purchases in mobile applications.

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Is it worth implementing Google Analytics and better tracking e commerce user sessions? Competition in the e commerce market is very strong and attracting new customers is becoming increasingly difficult. One of the ways to beat the competition B to B Database is to ensure the best possible shopping experience. To achieve this goal, you ne information about the users visiting your website. The new web analytics tool from Google will allow you to better collect session data. which will allow you to better understand the customer’s decision making process and determine purchase impulses more effectively.

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