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First of all, take care of the company name. Don’t just put your company name. Also add keywords and phrases to it that will be able to tell the user what you do. Thanks to this, you will increase the visibility of your company and gain the attention of potential customers. In the company information, select the business category that most closely reflects the nature of your company. The next field in the Google My Business panel to be complet is the company description. The description should contain characters, be legible and concise, it is also a great opportunity to use key phrases that will increase visibility in the Google search engine and maps.

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Pay attention to entries updates. Here you can post information about promotions, offers, or communicate about new products available in your company. The next important field to take care of is the photo tab. Out of sight, out Nigeria Mobile Number List of mind, so don’t let your client forget about your company. We remember brands easier when we see photos of the company and products. Customer reviews on the Google My Business listing The Google Maps business card gives consumers the opportunity to share their opinion about a given company.

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In the Google business card, the customer can freely evaluate and comment on the service, product or, in general, the company whose offer he has us. Google reviews are a reliable and easily accessible source of information for potential customers. In the B to B Database opinions section, users can read what other people not relat to the company think about a given brand. Consumers very often reach for opinions about a company because they are more able to believe in the words of people similar to themselves. Google reviews are not pack with advertising activities, which makes users consider them more trustworthy.

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