You can help attendees remember

 Provide a recap everybody loves to reminisce about fun times. So make it easy for attendees to remember just how awesome your event was. Highlight videos You can help attendees remember and photos. Social media comments. And summaries are just a few ways the amazing value they got out of the event (and maybe make non-attendees just a teensy bit jealous that they didn’t go?). This could also be the perfect opportunity to drop some hints about next year’s event. Lead generation for those who couldn’t go to the event. Or attendees who want to refresh their memories.


 Providing gated content is a great

Way to generate leads. Simply by forking Australia WhatsApp Number Data  over their email. They can access all the wonderful material presented  You can help attendees remember and captured during the event. While you get to expand your list of contacts and leads. 8 of our favorite event landing page examples looking for a bit of event landing page inspiration? We picked these event page examples because they embody many of the principles described above. We hope you learn a thing or two about event landing page design that you can use to promote your next event.

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 Collective zoo event landing page

Artists project contemporary art fair Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List  exhibition landing page thinkific conference landing page paint cabin event You can help attendees remember  landing page fraudbuzz webinar landing page shoelace event landing page adobe summit conference landing page – collective zooimage courtesy of collective zoo. Click to see the full thing. Cerebro marketing created this page for collective zoo to promote a ufo-themed concert. When people from all over america were planning to storm area 51. This conference landing page redirected some of that hype to a free event in downtown las vegas.


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