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Report of free tokens all traffic vs free tokens traffic. Derive from promotion badges, offers and price drops. Create custom reports in Google. Merchant Create dashboards in Google Merchant. Would you like to learn more about Google. Merchant Center? Google Merchant offers us to see the performance of our Shopping ads and free listings through performance reports. With them we can analyze the data to optimize our PPC strategy and modify when necessary the structure of our Google. Ads campaigns In this post we are going to show you where you can see them what data they offer us.

Each Of Them At Once But They Require

How to create your own reports and even performance dashboards. Where can we find Google Merchant performance reports. These reports are found in the performance section control panel. Performance reports on Google Merchant Google Shopping Ads and Free Tokens Types of performance reports Reports Shopping. Ads all traffic vs Shopping Ads traffic from France Mobile Number List promotion badges, deals and price drops. Performance reports on Google Merchant. Google Shopping Ads and Free Tokens In both reports we can see the data on the clicks, impressions and CTR that our shopping ads have had, including all traffic or taking into account only the traffic.

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Specific Features And Controlling

Generate by promotional badges offers and price drops We can see in the image that in the month of February there is a higher CTR when these badges are shown than when they are not Also, we can segment and filter these reports by product, category and brand And in the badge reports you can filter by promotion category, ID, promotion B to B Database name, badge type and promotion type Performance reports on Google Merchant Google Shopping Ads and Free Tokens. Thanks to this, a better analysis can be made when configuring our shopping campaigns and restructure them taking said data into account Free Tokens All Traffic vs Free Tokens Traffic from Promo Badges.

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