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Will the same group of people look for all these options. Of course not this is the essence of the analysis of the target audience. If everything is done incorrectly, you can not only create a “bad site”, but also lose potential customers. Stage We select references When the analysis of competitors and target audience is done, you can start developing the site, but first you ne to do two things look at the links and design a prototype. Links are ancillary works that a web designer refers to. They help determine the color scheme, style and other aspects.

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Here are the services where you can view various projects Bance Pinterest Aww wards Dribbling There is no ne to search for vacancies on your topic, you can also look at other projects. The main thing is to find interesting features and use them in your project but without plagiarism. Stage Prototyping Many people prefer to draw only text content at this Panama Mobile Number List stage, but I think this is not the right method. It is easier to prototype and plan all content. The prototype usually does not include images, but only contains the correct block layout and text content Website Prototype Example.

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The collected links will help you. The drafting of the text is based on comprehensive information about your target audience, competitors and your services. Everything we have done so far is summarized in the prototype. Here are some guidelines to help you structure Landing page title usually contains the website logo and main menu, adds a phone B to B Database number, and attaches an action button, such as Request a call. The sentence structure is the same as on the first screen. With it, you need to describe the whole essence of the business, for example, Creating a website in days. It also includes an additional description like this I will help your business increase sales Sign up and get a discount.

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