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Therefore, we encourage each store to examine customer satisfaction. Draw conclusions and introduce appropriate solutions bas on them. Rate this article The average rating of this post is. Popular How to create a brand image? Storytelling as an image building tool Casper Bnarz minutes of reading How to create a brand image? Storytelling as an image building tool Contents Logos, social mia, marketing? Yes, but think about the image goal first Storytelling creating the company’s image through stories What is your brand’s story. Brand image paint with words.

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Time for a moral the core of the company’s image. In A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink makes a pretty daring thesis that. The age of scientific minds is over. The future belongs to a different kind of people with a different kind of mind designers, inventors, teachers, storytellers, creative and empathetic right brain thinkers.” Try it for free This seems Bolivia Mobile Number List to be difficult to accept for managers or businessmen in a world where data, hard logic and measurable effects matter. And yet, analyzing the development of countries over recent years, we notice a growing share of the so call creative industries, where the production of goods and services is bas on the creative work of individuals.

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This makes it worth thinking about new business concepts that us to be coldly reject. One of them is the use of storytelling to build the company’s image remembering, of course. To follow the strategic principles of branding. Taking care of a consistent B to B Database brand image so that the company’s image goes straight to the hearts of the target group. Logos, social mia, marketing. Yes, but think about the image goal first As Seltzer and Bentley say in The Creative Age, in our era of rapid transformations, knowlge and creativity become the resources that determine progress and development.

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