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This will make it easier for potential customers to search for the brand whose name they have heard. If the recipient knows how to write down the name, he will certainly find the right product page on the Internet. What’s more, giving names referring to the sector of activity makes consumers associate a specific product with the brand name. A catchy name is the basis of effective marketing. When we ask the proverbial Kowalski what comes to his mind first when he thinks about a given brand, it will most likely be the logo.

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Therefore, when creating a brand image, it is worth focusing on the logo, which should meet several conditions. Just like with the nave, it should be legible, the customer should not think long about what the graphic represents. The logo should Honduras Mobile Number List be simple and original at the same time. As an example, you can recall a brand known all over the world apple. The marketing giant in its logo focused primarily on simplicity a bitten apple has become an unquestionable hallmark of Apple. If we show someone the Apple mark, they will certainly indicate the brand to which it belongs in a second. Let’s avoid graphics that can be understood in many ways.

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The logo should also be consistent in colors, let’s not go crazy with a lot of colors, it should stand out, but not cause nystagmus. What should characterize a good slogan? Here, as with the previous two elements, simplicity comes at a price. The easier to B to B Database remember the advertising slogan, the better, because it is aimed at building brand awareness. The slogan often contains the mission and vision of the brand. You can use puns, rhymes, homonyms or other language tricks to make the slogan catchy and worth the attention of recipients.

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