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It is worth noting that a transparent return policy is one of the factor. That motivate to buy in a given online store. Launching Convenient Returns is very simple, just place a banner on the store’s website with a link to the return form. Manage customer reviews with Rating Captain Customer reviews are one of the best tools that help build trust in the company and its positive image. Therefore, each online store should acquire and monitor opinions on various platforms. Google, Facebook, Ceneo. Of course, review management can be automat using Rating Captain. The tool allows you to send invitations asking for an opinion about the company, as well as about a specific product.

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Obtain opinions can be display on the store’s website using widgets adapt to its appearance. Source Rating Captain It is worth responding to the receiv opinions, thanks to which the customer will feel that his opinion really matters. That is Peru Mobile Number List why Rating Captain creates a place and additional tools to help miate with dissatisfi customers and encourage repeat purchases discount codes. In addition, the tool performs semantic analysis of customer reviews. Thanks to this, the store can learn the reasons for the dis satisfaction of buyers and, bas on them, take the right steps to help develop the business.

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Newsletter stay in touch with your client. Newsletter is a marketing tool that helps you build and maintain customer relationships. You can use it to provide information about the upcoming promotion or the appearance of new products in the store, but also the newsletter can be us to ucate customers and share tips with them. Source Get Response B to B Database is an effective email marketing softwarewhere you can create email campaigns with different goals. Moreover, GetResponse delivers messages at the time preferr by the recipients thanks to the Perfect Timing tool.

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