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Characteristic features of generation X are primarily pragmatism and realism resulting from the experiences that representatives of this generation had contact with. We are talking here primarily about the political transformation in Poland, but also about the general changes taking place in the world. Representatives of this generation are usually less ucat than younger generations, but they have much more life experience relat, for example, to professional work. They are consider to be more distant and reserv than the millennial generation, but at the same time more involv in social and political life.

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Representatives of the generation value stability and security, which is especially reflect in their professional careers. Many people born in the s and s can boast of several dozen years of work experience in only one place of employment. Which Azerbaijan Mobile Number List is hard for younger generations to imagine. They also strongly focus on family values ​​ the well being of its members is high in the hierarchy of priorities. Generation X reach channels For most of their adult lives, representatives of the X generation drew knowlge and information mainly from traditional mia such as television, radio or the press.

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Although they are increasingly marking their presence in social mia and the digital world, traditional channels are still the main mia they use. Television research indicates that television is still a popular mium among Gen X. They make up about percent. everyone watching TV. Many of this generation consider television to be their main source of B to B Database entertainment and information. They spend a relatively long time watching it an average of. to even. hours a day. Radio This is the mium that the representatives of the X generation have a definite advantage in receiving. Many people listen to the radio in the car or at home to get the latest news or for strictly entertainment purposes.

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