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Brand phrases are enter into the search engine by users who usually do not know the specific address of the company’s website. When it comes to positioning of brand phrases, basic optimization of the page is usually enough to make it appear in the first search results. Brand key phrases allow you to focus on a specific brand, which is especially important for companies whose goal, apart from increasing organic sales, may also be to increase brand recognition. General phrases unlike brand phrases, popular, generally us phrases in relation to the assortment shoes or sportswear.

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Mainly due to this, they are much more competitive by having a high search volume. Positioning of general phrases is possible with a well thought out and often substantial budget, unlike long tail phrases,. Long tail phrases long tail keywords are usually longer phrases containing more detail information. Using the example given for general phrases with Spain Phone Numbers List sports shoes, the long tail phrase could be the phrase “Nike Air Max sports shoes white or men’s sportswear sale. Keywords of this type include, above all, keyword phrases containing two or more words. These types of phrases have a lower number of searches, but are more precise and often allow you to reach a more interest audience.

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Depending on the chosen SEO strategy, of course, it is definitely worth implementing long tail keyword positioning in your plan. Positioning in Google maps The fact that the Google search engine gives great opportunities for companies is undeniable. After all, organic traffic is “free” traffic meaning no user per click fee and often accounts for a significant B to B Database percentage of all website traffic. Also, the fact that the virtual presence of companies is gaining more and more importance, and the use of various types of online tools has become an integral part of the marketing strategies of more conscious marketers and business owners.

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