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A fashion blogger who regularly conducts style master classes. Journalist, writer and presenter of the Fashion Sentence program vassalize Another host of the Fashion Verdict, fashion historian and theater designer Alexander Vaseline aliatrend Fashion wardrobe with Recipes Raisa food blogger. Recipes for quick, simple and delicious meals. Sarema Rostov Recipes of national cuisine receipt Sarema. Both western and national dishes mama na koine. In publications recipes, slices and service recepti ot nani. And more recipes. Interests and hobbies white eden Life is like life in the countryside spotty kit.

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Advice to a young hostess salaries A profile about plants and how to care for them noon cosplay account. It is unlikely that they will recognize, but look at the beauty andrey pitertsov. Fishing page. Posts are dedicated to tournaments and travel. th place Macedonia Mobile Number List Justin Bieber young pop singer Rounding out Instagram’s peak overseas popularity is Justin Bieber with million followers. On his page accountslogin he mostly posts photos of his life. Bieber Instagram The list of “heavyweights” according to Instagram, or those with the most followers in Russia and in the world for, has come to an end. Hope you enjoy. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Posted on July Go to comments on VK Twitter th place. Neymar million neymar Top foreign accounts by the number of followers on Instagram Compared to Russian celebrities, foreign ones have much more delicious numbers on Instagram. The list includes people from different fields of activity. Let’s see who has the most followers on Instagram among B to B Database users around the world th place Irina Shayk is a supermodel popular on Instagram Not as famous as previous bloggers with an audience of million subscribers Irina Shayk. Real name Shaikhlislamova. The girl is a Russian actress and supermodel. The profile can be viewed at accounts login Irina Shayk’s Instagram page th place. Taylor Swift million Taylor swift th place Mikhail Galatian Russian comedian.

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