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Certain product categories are more susceptible to the ROPO effect in consumer behavior. According to the data in the report prepar by Gemius E commerce in Poland, the products most susceptible to the ROPO effect are those in the following categories construction and finishing materials furniture and interior design footwear. The situation in which customers of online stores prece their purchases by familiarizing themselves with products in brick and mortar stores is less common. Among the categories of goods characteristic of reverse ROPO, there are electronics household appliances footwear cosmetics and perfumes.

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What discourages users from buying online. Convenience and time saving, and often lower prices are the undeniable advantages of buying online. So why do so many customers prefer to make a purchase while visiting a brick and mortar store? Some users indicate that they prefer to see the product before buying, as well as talk to the seller. Some consumers Kenya Mobile Number List are also discourag by the fact that when shopping online. You have to wait for the product, moreover, the cost of delivery is often too high according to customers. Some customers are also afraid of problems with complaints or returning goods, and some are also concern about the security of the transaction.

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How to minimize the ROPO effect in e commerce. As an online store owner, you ne to know about the ROPO effect in order to effectively retain customers in your online store. To weaken the ROPO effect, you can offer attractive prices and inform B to B Database about discounts and rebates relat to various occasions. If possible, shorten the delivery time and preferably add several options courier, parcel lockers, personal collection, etc. You will also be able to choose the method of payment in your favor. The way in which the offer is present is also very important.

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